Violin and Viola Lessons

For the past six years I have developed a wealth of individual teaching experience. My students range from young beginners to adult learners and advanced students preparing for entry into music conservatoires. I am confident in my skills as a one-to-one teacher and make sure to always plan my lessons carefully and ensure appropriate pacing for each student. I have a clear idea of how the mechanics of violin and viola playing work and am able to explain my ideas at all levels of complexity. I keep my teaching balanced between musical and technical aspects, incorporating singing, rhythmic work, studies, sight-reading and aural into my lessons. I think it is of utmost importance to encourage students to reach their full potential on the violin or viola, to get excited about the instrument and all the colours and sounds we can make. As well as teaching individual lessons, I also have a lot of experience with running ensembles and coaching chamber music, both on short holiday courses and over more extended periods of time. I have excellent knowledge of chamber and solo repertoire and regularly arrange music myself for different sizes of string ensemble. I also aim to instil a love for music that captures a student’s interest and leads to them exploring a particular composer or piece for themselves. In the past I have set short ‘projects’ which involve students going away and finding out as much as possible about a piece which they are due to begin learning. I found this to have a really positive effect, not only on their enthusiasm for learning but on their eventual performance of the work. 


I hold the relevant qualifications including the ABRSM Instrumental teaching Diploma (dipABRSM) and I am now in the process of gaining my Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Music (LRAM).

I also have a full DBS check. 

Please get in contact for a CV. 

If you have any questions or are interested in organising a lesson, please contact me via the home page by clicking on the button below to discuss or arrange a consultation lesson.